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Sunday, February 26

Repainting a chair so that it fits in with your style

So I have had this rocking chair since I was a kid. My Grandfather made it and painted my favorite color in the whole world-Red. Since my favorite color as a kid does not match the rest of my house so well, and while its been a great chair, we just have no room for anything that big that does not match the rest of our items. I was hesitant to get rid of the chair, and hoped it would be great to have in the future, so I decided to make the great leap and paint the chair white so it would match the rest of the colors in the guest room.

So after making the choice to paint the chair, I wanted to use a paint that would stand up to people actually using it. I choose Home Depot's Behr Paint and Primer in One for Interiors. I choose a marshmallow white color in a satin finish so that it could take the knocks and the dirt without looking too shiny in the room.

I made a back pillow for the chair using some leftover fabric that I had. Its a little small for the chair but I think it still works. It actually makes the whole chair more comfortable!

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  1. Looks great. It's good that you can keep the keepsake around without it being an eyesore.