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Saturday, February 25


Well here we are. Starting a blog. It’s all new and shiny. I never really wanted to start anything like this because I was worried that I would not be able to keep up on it or make a good looking product. However, my husband completely disagreed with me and put me in my place by getting me a blog of my own! He believes that I can do it, so I should too. I think that the way it will go, is I will try to post some of the great projects that we have done around the house. It may take me a while to get them done, but hopefully in a few months there will be some amazing tutorials on completing home decorating and improvement projects. I am super excited about it and want to post a million things up right now, but I should take my time and get it done right. Now I am off to scrub some old brass objects into shiny new silver objects. I will post some pictures soon hopefully!

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