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Monday, March 19

Special Olympics Basketball 2012

The team ready to go!
We are taking a break from house stuff today and talking about my great family!

So this weekend was the 2012 Basketball Games for Special Olympics in Hillsboro Oregon. I love this time of year, because every year my mom and my sister drive out for her games. It’s great, we have a blast watching the games, and I don’t have to drive six hours to see my family. My twin sister is the shortest one on the team, but she is fast! This year my mom coached a 3 on 3 team. She originally had four girls on the team, but one of the girls got sick and was unable to make it. With three players, we were a little worried that they would be exhausted as they had to play three games in a row without and breaks or relief.  
3 on 3 team and the Individual Skills Athletes and Coaches

Passing the Ball

Making a great shot

The twins ready to rock!

Those girls rocked the court. I have to admit that my sister should have been the MVP for her game. She was all over the court, defending, taking shots, stealing the ball. She was speed lightning. This year the team looked great and did a good job with their plays and defending the ball. They were also on top of stealing the ball back and wearing down the other team. I was so proud!

The twins

Getting ready to accept the silver medal
The team did great and won two games and lost one. They played really hard even though they were exhausted. I was yelling so much my throat was sore. At one point, my husband has to run to the store to grab a knee brace for my sister so she could still play. Nothing was going to stop her. My mom did a really great job this year training them on their plays. You could tell that it was that training that helped them do so well even though they were down a player and really tired.

Hope getting her medal

The team and their medals!

Also, a quick note; I believe strongly that we should stop saying the word Retard. It’s demeaning, disrespectful, and quite honestly just a stupid word. People only say it to say something negative. I believe strongly in the mission of the group, Stop the R-word. If you want more information, go to www.r-word.org. They have lots of great information about how to let people know that the word is hateful. Beside, it the federal government can pass a resolution to take that word of its use, I think that people can to. It’s no longer ok to say racist terms, or sexist words, let’s take the derogatory words about people out too.

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  1. Nicky Essex, John Day, ORMarch 20, 2012 at 11:51 AM

    We are so proud of Hope's achievements! She is always a winner!!