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Thursday, March 8

Stair-rail Candle Holder

When we bought out house we only came in with enough furniture for a few rooms. This is great when you have an apartment, but not so great when rooms feel empty and plain. I am always on the lookout for great home decorations and ideas, and I came across this idea to use a table leg as a plate holder. I thought it looked cool, but since I lacked any tables that I could destroy, I went out to the home building re-use store and picked up a stair-rail for $2. It has a similar shape. After I got it home though, I like the look of it so much (and the height), and I did not want to cut it up, I came up with the idea to make a tall thin candle holder, something that would look great in a corner. I have to say, the candle-holder looks and works great. It’s not too thin, and it only takes up a small space. Plus, we have friends with small kids that have come over, and they have yet to knock it over. Even our puppy has not knocked it over yet.

To make the holder, I purchased a stair-rail from the rebuilding store, two wood plaques from Joann’s, and used wood glue and filler that I already had, and a screw. The two wood plaques are different sizes, but I kept them the same shape. On the first candle holder I made, I used a square shape. However, on the second candle holder I went with a round shape that I felt looked more natural.  
I drilled a hole in the larger wood plaque to place the stair rail connection piece into. I used wood glue and glued it into place to make it more secure. I placed a level on top of it to make sure it stayed perfectly flat and let the piece dry.

After it dried, I measured the center of the smaller plaque and using a screw and eyeballing it into place screwed it to the top of the rail. I then filled in the hole with wood glue. I sanded it lightly afterwards to made it smooth. You porbably don't need to do this, as the candle sits on top of it, but I like to be a perfectionist.

After it dried, I spray-painted the first candle-holder with the hammered nickel so it would have some texture, but you could still see the wood grain through it. The silver matches other decorations in the house. It also does not look too heavy. I have not painted the second candle holder yet, but I think I might paint it white with some leftover paint that I have so I can place it in the yellow guest room.

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