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Tuesday, May 8

Furniture DIY with Style

So I come by my DIY drive honest. I picked it up from my mom who started us young with a paintbrush in our hands helping do home remodel. Thanks to her, I was a little more prepared than most people when we bought out house for some major work. She is always coming up with neat pieces of furniture and redoing them with some flair. She sent me some pictures of this odd table that she picked up and remodeled last week, and I thought that I would share the really neat makeover here.
My parents live out in Eastern Oregon, where there are outstanding garage and estates sales. I have seen turn of the century money machines, impeccable 1930-50’s clothing, antique books and art. My mom recently picked up this table at a garage sale. She is not sure what it was originally for, but she talked the seller down from $40 to only $20 bucks!
The table had quite a bit of ornate work on it. There were several small metal medallions across its top and sides. It also had these heavy type finals on the back, and an odd temple like back with small wooden finals across the top.
They removed the finals and the medallions. They also cut the back down and shaped it to have a more traditionally western classic shape. After sanding down the table, they used an oil based primer to prep the wood for paint. My mom was really excited to use a spray fun this time for spraying down the furniture. It makes it go a lot faster, and according to her she sprayed 8 bookcases, several tables, etc. I believe, because I am guessing once she got going, there was no way to stop that paint spray. I will have to see if anything in the house is it original color the next time I go by.

After applying all the paint, she let it dry outside for a few days to deal with the oil paint smell. They put a new silver metal medallion on it and now have a cute table. I think right now she is leaving it outside on the porch. I think it would be a great potting table, or a side table for a deck area. It’s also cute enough to come inside and be a side table there too. All in all the table looks great.

And just as a reminder of what it used to look like, here are the before and after pictures side by side! It's a huge difference. Now that $20 table looks like a great buy. It is amazing what people can see in a piece of furniture and how to change it.
Since no post would be complete without showing my parents sense of humor, here are the signs I was greeted by the last time I drove home to spend some quality family time. Thanks you guys. I feel safer already.  

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