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Tuesday, July 31

Concrete Planters

Since we have been working like mad on our backyard Pergola, my Master's thesis, and the upcoming school year, its been really tough to find time to make fun things for the house. It's not that my Master's thesis isn't the light of my life, but it's just not full-fulling that DIY itch, in fact it might be pushing me over the edge! I did have some time to make some fun little planters though. The project was really an after thought, but I think that they made the cutest little planters and I thought I would take a break from number crunching to share them with you all!
Previously I had seen people make concrete planters on Pinterest using concrete, pebbles,vermiculite, and sand. The projects looked great, but I did not want to spend any extra money on it. However, due to time and effort, I just thought that I would make a planter using containers in my recycling bin and the leftover concrete from our Pergola. We had to sink out brackets for our Pergola posts in concrete and Erik let me mix the extra powder for my project. 
So to make the planter, I grabbed the plastic containers that I had in the recycling bin. I cut the tops off of the taller bottles and tried to find smaller containers that would fit inside of the to make the hole for the plant. I was a little concerned that the bottles that I had would be too small, but I went ahead with it anyway. I cut the top off of a used oil bottle that we had. I very lightly sprayed the insides of the containers with cooking oil to help them not stick to the concrete.

I gently filled the bottom two-thirds of the plastic form for the planter full of concrete and then very scientifically “jiggled” it around to remove any air bubbles. I took the smaller container that was going to make the plant hole and pushed it into the concrete. For the oil bottle bottom, I used a small Dixie cup. To keep the cup deep, and not allow it to float to the top, I put some rocks in the bottom of it. I did the same thing with my milk carton planter, however I used an old egg dipping container from Easter as the inside.
I put the containers out on in the garden area and then let them dry for two days. I wanted to let them dry for a while, but still be flexible enough for me to remove the inside container. I gently pulled out the inside container, and then cut away the outside container. Spraying them with oil seemed to actually help them not stick. To help clean up the bottom of the plant hole, I scrapped it with a screwdriver to make it more flat and a little deeper. Since the concrete was not dry yet, it came out pretty easily.

The Final Product turned out really cute. I went to Home Depot and picked up the smallest succulent plant that they had there. It was only $2.98. I really like the pot details on the oil bottle. The design on the bottom of the bottle looks really great as a planter and really stands out. So cute fun project and it only cost me the cost of a plant, which is pretty amazing considering I have to buy plants in bulk since I let them die so often. I am rooting for this little guy though!


  1. Wow! I love this idea of the oil bottle and the end result. And just think.....this bottle already has the release agent in it from the residual oil!

  2. Great idea. Thank for sharing.

  3. Love this! Will definitely make a couple!

  4. It's 6:30 in the morning, and now I want to go dig into my recycle bin and make some of these! Thank you for sharing this really cool DIY project with us! ��

  5. What did you with the glass bowl? Can't make it out.

  6. Thanks !! this is going to be a project for my Plants and flowers .