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Tuesday, May 7

Glass Garden Flowers Update!

So when I made the post about the garden glass flowers, there was some confusion on how everything went together when it was all done. Well, to eliminate that confusion, I took some pictures of the flowers out in my yard to show hat it all looks like when its done!

Here is a front shot of the flower all up. I actually use it to help stake up my tiny little blueberry plant that we are growing. I used a metal rod, however you can use whatever kind of post that you would like. I love the look of a copper pipe!

Here is the back. It shows where the copper bell is attached. You slide the back piece onto the pole and you can move the flower up and down to the height that you would like. 

I hope that this helps clear up some of the confusion with the glass flowers. If you want to see the original post about the glass flowers, go to:

And.....  just because it's spring and summer is coming around the corner, look at whats growing in my backyard!


  1. Thanks for the great idea for attaching the "flowers". I have been making some totems but want to make flowers and didn't want to do all of the drilling and metal work. I too, live in the Northwest (Washington) and need something to withstand the rain. Thanks!

  2. These have done well well for me. I was careful to make sure that there were no bubbles or ways that water could get between the plates and the hangers.

  3. What happens to the nail in the bell that looks like it would hold the clamp to it?

  4. The bell came with a nail sticking out of it, but you have to take that out. Some bells did not have the nail.

  5. I have been making flowers as gifts and used the bell's connector and JBWeld to attach. I went outside today to do some work and one of the flowers had fallen off the bell. It had only been outside for about a week and the screws were also rusting. Any ideas?

  6. Humn, thats odd. I have only had the one fall off so far and that is because I left it outside for almost 2 years in rain, snow, wind, and hail. I think the Plumbers putty holds better than the JB Weld.

    1. Can I use E6000 to adhere the bell to the plate? Also, Have you tried it on the longer, oblong plates? I will have to put the bell lower, not in the center. So it's not seen thru the glass.