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Saturday, November 30

Kitchen Remodel-Phase 3 What to do in the meantime?

So this will be a picture heavy post. It's kinda hard being in the middle of the remodel. Everything exciting and nothing exciting happens at the same time. Everyone is stressed since its so much work, but we are in it too deep to back out now. :) We finished pulling out the rest of the cabinets. Afterwards we decided that all of the drywall should come down as that would be easier than trying to fix it all. Plus, we wanted to take the sofet out, which was going to be a big repair job, so down came the ceiling.  We hung up the new drywall. (Wow that is a way easier sentence than way actually happened). They we textured it (again another crazy sentence to write that does not describe the pain and work of texturing). We went with the same grey paint that we used in the hallways and as an accent in the living room so that it all looked continuous and flowed together.
Removing the cabinets

Our big messy empty space

Yeah, this is what the rest of the living room looked like.

View from the front door, shows how open it will be

Figuring out the celing

More ceiling work

New Drywall

What a hard worker!

Drywall hung!

Nice new window too at the same time

We decided to go with the same grey paint that we used in the hall way so that there would be continuity.

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