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Sunday, August 31

Oregon Coast Education Program

So I had this great opportunity to go to the coast, hang out with cool teachers, and get some professional development. It was an amazing three day hangout at the Oregon Coast with some of the coolest people ever.  I was so excited to go with our Fifth grade teacher Irene, and one of the fourth grade teachers (and new elementary honcho) Lorrie. We got to learn about macro-invertebrate sampling, water sampling, see the Hatfield Marine Center along with the Newport Aquarium. We also got to head out to the lighthouse and spend some time in the estuary.

If you teach in the northwest, I really think that you should go to this program! For more infromation, head over to: http://www.pacname.org/OCEP/ocep_main.shtml A huge thanks to Newport Aquaiurm for teaching us teachers about their program and giving us a fantastic dinner by the shark tank. It was fancy people! http://aquarium.org/ Also a big thanks to the Hatfield Marine Science center for housing us and letting learn about their matierals. http://hmsc.oregonstate.edu/ Their website is a gem. You can get so much information about the coast and teacher workshops.

Learning about macro-invertebrate sampling

Lovely day at the coast

My intrepid co-teachers

Learning about the estuary-Great field trip for students!!!

So much mud

Pulling up clams and learning about inter-tidal species.

Cait is so awesome!

At the Hatfield Marine Science Center

My favorite Octopus at the Newport Aquarium 

Shar Tank!

Best teachers ever!

All right, just being weird

Yaquina Head Lighthouse

Yaquina Head and its inter-tidal zone.

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