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Tuesday, October 28

Bio Nerd Alert! Center for Biological Modeling Genes Genomes and Personalized Medicine Trip!!!

Agghghgh this was such a cool trip! I was super excited about going to Milwaukee Wisconsin to learn about bio modeling and doing more hands-on work with my students.We had the opportunity to head to the Milwaukee School of Engineer to work at the Center for Biomolecular Modeling. I highly recommend this for any high school science teacher. The training involved hard core science but in such a way as to make it accessible for rusty minds.  :)

So Erik and I went to the Genes, Genomes, and Personalized Medicine Training. We "got" to stay in dorms and relive the old college days. :) The CBM is a a type of science teacher paradise with every bio model that you could every need.
Bio Nerd Paradise

The family that bonds together sticks together

Have you unwound your helix lately?

Super cool Tim H!

Working on Replication

Learning about Genomics work on children

The awesome Gina

The fantastic Tim working with Erik
The CMB has a spin-off group that makes and produces all of the model for teachers. They are so amazing and full of great people. My favorite part though was the color coordinated rolls of tubing. Follow the rainbow!

3D Molecular Design is so pretty
All right, so no trip to Milwaukee Wisconsin would be complete with out some food pictures of cheese. I was pretty spoiled. I have to say our favorite restaurant of the whole trip was Aj Bombers. They were so nice. they also introduced us to fried cheese curd and custard. So maybe that was not so nice since we had to fly home! :O)

So much cheese

Can you say fried cheese curd!!!

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