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Wednesday, February 4

Mrs. Neill goes to Washington-No Giant Rabbits though

So I won this thing. It was a big thing, it also came with a free ticket to Washington DC! So, since Erik and I had never been to DC we decided to head out a few days early and see the sights, enjoy our great country, and discovery that humidity won't kill you.

We were so excited to see Washington DC but we only had a few days. We wanted to try and fit in as much as possible. Its so expensive to fly across the US, so it was a great opportunity with the cost of one ticket covered.

On the first day, wee settled into Washington DC and used bikes to visit all of the monuments along the Washington mall. I would totally recommend this form of transportation. There are a millions bike locations and its easy to stop and swing by with the bikes.

On the second day of out trip we headed out to a quick tour through Gettysburg PA, followed by Manassas VA, then wrapping up in the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. 
We were a little hot and tired after walking and stopping so many times. 

The view over the battle field.

Hamming it up in front of the space shuttle! Such a highlight.