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Thursday, December 31

Literary Themed Bridal Shower Part 1

So my lovely friend Josalyn was getting married! Now she has 3 bridesmaids and two events that needed to be planned. Both of the other bridesmaids really wanted to throw the bridal shower and the bachelorette party. I was OK with it since, I am prettified of hosting a bad party. :) However after much discussion, it turned out that my house was the optional location for the bridal shower since it was in the "middle" of where everyone lived. Since it was at my house I wanted to help out and make sure that Josalyn had a really special day. The other bridesmaid came up with a great idea of a literary themed party. I had never heard of it before, but I got swept up in  all of the ideas!

After looking around on Google, I found a whole bunch of ideas for things we could use as decorations for the party! I really like the look of pages from books being reused. For this post, I am going to give a quick overview on the decorations, then I will link to the how-to posts.
I made votive candle holders with book pages, sheet music, and scientific drawings. 
This was one of the food platters.
Some of the vases using pages and twine. 

We put together the votive holders and and vases using pages from books. 
I got glassware used from Salvation Army. One of the other bridesmaids brought these lovely blue scarves to use as table runners. 
I made a paper runner from an old German book and hung it above all the windows and door ways. 
This is a dark photo of the runner.
A better photo. I just used paper bags as the backing. 
We took shredded book pages and placed them in glass jars. To go along with the blue accents, one of the bridesmaids cut out blue heats and pasted on heats made from book pages. It looked so nice.
So keep an eye for the tutorials on how to make all of these things. It was such a great party and looked so nice using not very expensive materials. I have a ton of books at my house so we piled them up around as a nice accent.