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Monday, January 15

Literary Themed Party Part 3- Pennants String

So one of the easy but really impact highlights of the decorations for the party was the book pennants. I used brown grocery bags as the pennant material and glued triangles of book pages to the top. I then sewed up the top of triangles with my sewing machine and traded twine through the top. It took me about 2 hours to make 3 pennants. I spent: $2.99 for Twine at Home Depot, about $3 on bulk books at the GoodWill Bins, and used grocery sacks I already had for free!
Above the dinning room
Close-up of the pennants
Above the sliding door
The pennants had a great look hanging up all over the place. They fit in well with the books and had a nice subtle touch.
I used my sewing machine for a quick nice looking seam.
Cutting out triangles
Gluing the triangles

More shots
Close up
Super close up
Some of the books I got at the Bins
Overall this was a quick and easy way to make some really nice decorations for the bridal shower. Plus, afterwards, I liked the pendants so much, I used them in my own classroom for a nice school touch.

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