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Tuesday, February 16

Spray Painting old lights for a cheap update

 Spray Paint is your friend!

So we love our new house. We also spent a lot on moving and may be a little limited on which updates we can do at a time. However, never under-estimate a can of spray paint to take 90's  brass to a more modern bronze look. 

Our master bedroom had these brass sconce lights on both sides of the bed that collected bugs. (I forgot to take a photo of them all put together. Opps)

I took the light off and then seriously dusted and wiped it down. It was gross and dusty. I took the pieces outside and sprayed them down with Rustoleum-Oil Rubbed Bronze. We are switching all the brass in the house over to ORB, for simple clean look. 

It took 3 to 4 very light coats. Make sure to lightly brush your hand side to side as you spray so you do not get any drips. 

When we put them back up, I had Erik install them with the bell pointing down. I picked up new bell shades at Home Depot for $3 each. 

I switched the old LED blub out for a LED Edison blub. It gave it a nicer updated look through the glass. 

All in all, the project cost, $5 for the can of spray paint, $6 for two blubs, and about 30 mins of work. 

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