Welcome to homelifescience. This is a fun blog where we talk about science, our travels, and neat house ideas we like to do. We are so excited to share with you the ideas that we have found.

About Us and this Crazy Blog

So where to begin? It’s always hard to tell others about yourself. I mean how do you let someone know how great you are without sounding so weird? :) Maybe that’s the point of having a blog, letting others know that you are weird too. I started this blog because my husband got me a website name instead of flowers. It’s the gift that just keeps on giving right? I think I might like it. We spend so much time on our house; it feels great to be able to share what we have learned with other.

Let’s talk about family: My family consists of my husband Erik, two adorable kids, our cat Schrodinger, and  amazing dog Tesla. (See the scientist’s names-yeah we are that nerdy! :)) Our kids are incredible amazing people and we are so excited to watch them grow up. Tesla is a border collie, black lab mix. Schrodinger is a mix made from fur and whiskers. We got both of our pets from shelters here in Oregon.  Schroder we got from OFASA (http://ofosa.org/) and Tesla we got from Family Dogs New Life Shelter (http://www.familydogsnewlife.org/). Both are great places! 

I used to be a  chemist for the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality where I did soil and water testing to help make sure that Oregon stays clean and pure. I finished up my Master's Degree in Environmental Science a couple of years ago, and got the teaching bug! I spent the last ten years working with my husband as science teacher and administrator.  Five years agao, we left our old school and decided to branch out and start a new school. I am so in love with my job and excited to see where it goes! If you want to learn more head over to valorschool.org

Now about the where: We live in Hillsboro, Oregon. A pretty little town on the edges of Portland Oregon. You know that Portland Oregon featured in that show Portlandia? Well I feel like most of that’s way too close to the truth. :) Anyways, back to Hillsboro. We bought a house here in the summer of 2009. It was a 1978 ranch home that had seen better days. The previous owner was living the bachelors dream. He also was a flooring contractor that liked to reuse everything, even if it was ugly. We had two different colors of flooring on the hallway way help up by gobs of nail glue. We also had an entire wall of large 1 foot by 1 foot gold flecked mirrors. Lots of love needed to happen to that house.

We bought the house because we were tired of living in an apartment. We found out that we love construction. It became our hobby in a way. We also found that we both love the demolition and the rebuilding but not the decorating. It’s only been through a lot of trial and error that we have since been able to decorate our home. I think it’s really that journey that I will blog about. I made a lot of mistakes (don't worry I will share pictures of our humiliation:)) but along the way I think I found a sense of style?

Two years ago on a whim, we started looking at homes that had more than one bathroom. In a crazy whirlwind, we accidently sold our house without actually listing it for sale. We are a friends with a realtor that we had called to get tips on getting our house ready to sell. He found the right buyer a week later without use being ready. That led to a whirlwind where we had to find a new house. We got a dream home with 3 bathrooms! Everything else is just extra. :) 

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