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Helpful Tips and Things

So we all have those sites and places we go to get some inspiration. On this page I am going to create a working list of places/sites that I have found helpful over the years. This list will definitely be a work in progress. Feel free to leave comments below with more helpful sites.

The Portland Rebuilding Center is a great place to go in Portland to pick up any kind of building material. One great things about them though if you can't get all the way out to Portland Oregon is, that their website has a whole list of great projects and how to do them. Look under the Education tab for more information.

Another great place that we use is the ReStore in Beaverton, Oregon. The ReStore is a
 great place to pick up used building materials and paints. We were there just a few weeks ago to pick up cheap globe covers. They always seem to have everything on sale, so you may end up leaving with more items than you came for.

Erik swears by the website McMaster-Carr (link). When we need the weird nuts and bolts to make something work, we can usually order it here. 

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